Who We Are

Our vision: to be "a community of disciples making disciples."

Mt. Sylvan is a United Methodist Church in Northern Durham, NC. Our doors are open to you, your family, and anyone else that is seeking Christian community, fellowship, education (discipleship), and worship. This faith community has been serving this area through its missions and outreach for over 100 years. No matter who you are or where you've been, Christ has called us to love you as a child of God. All are welcome and you are invited. Praise be to God.

Vision Report

Mt. Sylvan's Vision Team has offered its report to the Administrative Council. The Team began meeting over two years ago, and used congregational coaches, group meetings, surveys, demographic information and prayerful conversation to arrive at the conclusions of the report. The Administrative Council received the report at its June 26 meeting, and appointed a Vision Steering Committee to publicize and implement the process moving forward. The Vision report will be voted on at the August meeting of the Council.

The 12-page report (accessible here) is split up into four parts, accompanied by a summary and attached example proposal. There are two main aspects of the report that will have an impact on ministry at Mt. Sylvan far into the future.

The first aspect is the affirmation of our Core Values, or Strengths. These five values are what make Mt. Sylvan unique. Our ministries should flow from and enhance these values. They are: Tradition, Generosity, Care, Outreach and Growth. The Vision Team’s hope is that the congregation will embrace these as our values and use them as guides in envisioning and carrying out ministry in the future.

The second aspect is a process for proposing ministries that uses the Core Values. The Vision Team generated a ministry proposal template that would be used by anyone who has or develops an idea or a vision for a specific ministry or project. Three examples were shared with the Council just to show how the template would function, and another will be designed to share with the congregation to show how this process would work.

Members of the Steering Committee will be available for the next few weeks to provide information and answer questions. They will also share this information in group gatherings. Members of the Steering Committee are Ed Venable, George Laing, Darlene Lumpkin and Pastor Larry Bowden.

How to Become a Member of Mt. Sylvan Church

We warmly welcome ALL who are interested in becoming a member of Mt. Sylvan United Methodist Church. Even if you are new the Durham area, United Methodist Church, or just church in general, we are more than happy to meet you where you are in your journey and help you find your place in a faith community. For information on joining the church click on their name to email, or call the church office:

Rev. Larry Bowden

/ (919) 474-0032 or

Rev. Kathie S. Wilkinson

/ (919) 471-0032

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