COVID-19 Update

Letter from Pastor Larry

Dear Mt. Sylvan folks,

On June 6, we will gather in-person, indoors, for Sunday School and worship.  It’s been a long time since mid-March of 2020, and we eagerly anticipate coming back together to share, study and worship.  A lot of people (Trustees, Worship Committee, Church Council, Staff, and others) have been working hard to prepare our space and think through how we can gather as safely as possible.

I emphasize safety because the virus has not gone away.  It is still present in our community, and it is still making people sick.  And, as I discovered this week, it can even affect people who are fully vaccinated.  A friend who was at a birthday gathering recently, where everyone was fully vaccinated, has tested positive for COVID.  Thankfully, the vaccine did what it was designed to do, and moderate fatigue and fever were all that she experienced.  She did not have to be hospitalized, and has recovered.  So, let’s continue to be vigilant and mindful of how it is we can best “Do No Harm” and continue to show love of neighbor.

Here is what you can expect Sunday morning.  

For Sunday School, please consult your class leaders for full details.  Plans for hybrid classes are still being formulated.

      Sunday School will begin at 9:30 am

      Wesley Class will meet in the Fellowship Hall

      Action Class will meet in the McFarland Chapel

      Genesis Class will meet in the large Armstrong Room.  

For Worship

      One mostly traditional/blended worship service at 10:30 am in the sanctuary. (Plans are to add more contemporary elements in the coming weeks.)

      The service will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel (Mt. Sylvan Church-Durham), and made available as a recording later on Sunday or Monday morning.

      We are asking you to register your attendance through the signup genius.  For this Sunday all slots are filled, but sign up for the following Sunday will be posted every Monday morning. The link will always be the same. Click here

      Masking and social distancing will continue to be required both for Sunday School and worship.

      No bulletins

      The offering plates will not be passed,  but will be available at the doors to receive your gifts upon entering or leaving the sanctuary

      Congregational singing on the last hymn only, with masks on.

      We are asking that those in attendance at worship or Sunday School not engage in conversation inside and leave as quickly as possible.  As weather permits, visit and catch up outside.

This is all a work in progress, and while we have tried to plan as best we could, we have never done this before.  So, we ask for your patience, and for your input.  As things progress (and that includes everyone getting their shot!), we hope to increase the number of people at worship, and we look forward to the time in the near future when we can celebrate Holy Communion safely, together.

Thanks for your patience, your commitment, your generosity, and your faithfulness.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Pastor Larry