Seasonal Studies at Mt. Sylvan

The Christian calendar was made to focus around two seasons. These two seasons are Advent and Lent. Advent ends with the celebration of the birth of Christ, and Lent ends with the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. Both are vital to the life of a Christian. During those two seasons, we try to gather our entire church around one study. We do this because it engages the whole family in the same topic of conversation, and helps make our faith a seven-day-a-week faith, instead of just Sunday mornings. It is also a way for multiple generations to feel connected to each other. 

Previous Studies:

Advent 2016: “The Wonder of Christmas” by Ed Robb and Rob Renfroe

Lent 2017: “Creed” by Adam Hamilton

Lent 2018: "Made for a Miracle" by Mike Slaughter