Families Moving Forward

Families Moving Forward (formerly Interfaith Hospitality Network) addresses the immediate and ongoing needs of homeless families by mobilizing Durham congregations and people of faith to help families move toward residential stability and self-sufficiency.

During the day, families receive comprehensive case management services, including assistance in procuring jobs, medical care, daycare and school placement, and stable housing. In the evening, meals are provided by churches or other organizations in the Durham area.

For years Mt. Sylvan UMC was a host church for Families Moving Forward providing a place for homeless families to stay once a quarter. In 2016 Families Moving Forward established their own temporary housing facilities through sponsorship of the community and churches like Mt. Sylvan. Now Mt. Sylvan goes to FMF’s new facility once a quarter to provide meals, childcare, and other support services for their guests.

To participate contact: Kit Chappell at jchappell16@nc.rr.com or Susan White at sbwhite04@yahoo.com

Learn about the programs that support Families Moving Forward in ending homelessness for families with children at familiesmovingforwardnc.org.